Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness Trip

June 25 - July 1, 2017
Grades 7-12 (plus chaperones)

This year we drive to Duluth on June 25 after our outdoor worship at Grace Lutheran Church. We will spend Monday visiting some sights on the way from Duluth to Grand Marais, such as Gooseberry Falls and the Ranger Station where we will pick up our entry passes, as well as have some free time in the city of Grand Marais itself to explore and eat supper at Sven and Ole's Pizza. Tuesday Morning we will enter the BWCA and canoe for several hours until we find and set up camp. (Lake is to be determined) We will stay at that camp until Saturday morning when we will pack up and paddle out. We will drive all the way home that day and everyone will be very happy to take a shower.

During the week we will take day trips for those who wish to explore. We will be taking a trip to the US/Canada border one day and will be searching for a waterfall another day. There is swimming, fishing, hiking, whittling, and plenty of exploring around the lakes by canoe to do as well as spending time appreciating God''s beautiful creation. We will do devotions each day, and take turns cooking meals and cleaning up. This is a great trip, John's favorite by far. Camping gear lists are available if you ask John, and whatever you don't have, we will help you borrow. Cost is $250 per person this year to cover travel, food in the BWCA, permit costs, and canoe rental expenses. You will need to bring additional money for meals on Sunday, Monday, and Saturday as well as any souveniers you might wish to buy. The Ranger Station has some of the most comfortable hoodies I have ever worn, and they look awesome too.

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