Children (4 Yrs - 6 Grade)

We invite all who are four years old to sixth grade to participate at any time!

Christian Education: Wednesday Faith Night, September - May REGISTER NOW
Educational opportunities, including singing, classroom discussion and various activities are held at 6:20 p.m. We welcome you to 'Faith Night' for a meal at 5:15 p.m., worship at 6 p.m., and faith learning experiences for all ages. Childcare is provided for those 0-3 years old in our nursery, for those whose parents attend Adult education.

Children's Church: During worship, Sunday mornings.
On Sunday, during the 10 a.m. worship service, Pastor invites all children to listen to a short message (their favorite part is to find out what socks he's wearing!), and then they are dismissed for an activity in a classroom. We welcome all children to participate in worship! Activity bags are also available on a tree in the narthex.

Vacation Bible School: Summer
For the past few years, we have been focussing on all-ages expereinces instead of a traditional VBS. This past year we met every Wednesday in July for an all-ages meal, worship, and a community service project.

Worship: Sunday and Wednesday
All ages are welcome to experience worship. Activity bags are available in the narthex, our unsupervised nursery is open each Sunday, and we hold Children's Church during the Pastor's adult message. Wednesday School Children are invited to sing during worship on special dates during the school year. In May, children participate in worship by sharing song, bible verses and stories they have learned, and recieve certificates for their accomplishments.

Holiday Season
Children and their families are encouraged to take part in a variety of Christmas outreach programs and activities, including giving a Christmas Program. During Wednesday Night Education, the children practice songs that will be sung at a special service.

Life Events
Congratulations! The first step is to let us know the name of the individual who will be baptized, and their birth date. The office will help schedule a meeting with the Pastor, in which he will share information about baptism, the role of parent/guardians and godparents, and what will happen during the service. Baptisms are generally scheduled two weeks in advance, but can be scheduled at any time through the church office by calling 345-4248.

All children are welcome to recieve a blessing, and communion readiness is determined by the parents. Fifth grade students and parents are invited to join Pastor Olson for a discussion on Wednesday during Holy Week in April; and celebrate their deepened understanding of Communion during worship on Maundy Thursday. For questions about communion and your child, please contact Pastor Olson (345-4248,