Events and Activities

To volunteer, please contact the church office (345-4248) and your message will be forwarded to the team leader.

Potato Bake - GLCW  - A potato bake is hosted each January after worship. Huge potatoes, chili and all the fixings are crafted for attendees of the Annual Meeting. The next potato bake is Sunday, January 25. 

Omelet Breakfast - Social Ministry - Our omelet breakfast free-will offering donations go to support our missionaries working with Global Eye Mission and Wycliffe Bible Translators.

Food Shelf Month - Social Ministry - The members of the Social Ministry team support a food drive and educate the congregation about ECHO Food Shelf during the month of March, which is Food Shelf Month in Minnesota.

Easter Breakfast - Youth Ministry - The Easter Breakfast is hosted by K-12 children and their parents/guardians. The Easter Breakfast's free-will offering donations support our youth ministry programs and activities. Volunteer coordinators and assistants are needed.

Lutefisk & Swedish Meatballs Dinner - Lutefisk Planning Team - The dinner is usually held the second Saturday in October.

Turkey Dinner - GLCW - The GLCW hosts a Thanksgiving Turkey Dinner with all the traditional fixings towards the end of November.

Scandinavian Breakfast with St. Lucia - GLCW - Held on December 13 each year in Sweden, the St. Lucia Worship Service and Scandinavian Breakfast has been held on either the second or third Sunday in December. The GLCW board chooses a confirmed high school age individual as St. Lucia, and her Court consists of ladies in grades 7-12.