"Growing With Grace" Capital Campaign

After years of discussion, surveys, and hard work by the Dream Team and the Building Team, at the congregational meeting on February 26, we voted to go forward with a capital campaign for building renovations.

So why are we doing this?

Dreaming and Building for the Future

Imagine how our ministry to others in the community could look. What if:
·      Visitors could come through the front door and easily find the church office, any day of the week?
·      Men’s and women’s restrooms were easy for newcomers to find on the main floor and were fully handicapped accessible?
·      Our narthex was an inviting, well-lit, flexible space for people to gather before and after worship?
·      Our education wing was fully accessible for kids with disabilities or injuries?
·      Children could leave Wednesday School safely, exiting onto a sidewalk instead of running out into an alley with a blind corner?
·      Our Fellowship Hall was an inviting, well-lit, modern, flexible space with new lighting and efficient storage?

We know you probably have questions.
Here are a few we’ve heard.

Are the building plans final?
No. The plans will not be finalized until after the capital campaign is finished.

When would construction begin?
As early as fall 2017. Final construction timetable will be discerned following the campaign and the finalizing of the projects.

Are there any improvements that we HAVE to make?
Yes. Building codes require us to upgrade our restrooms with any addition. Pipes are aging. Asbestos abatement may be needed in the education wing and basement (depending on type of renovations).

What is our goal?
We need to raise $750,000 to go forward.

What is our “stretch” goal?
To fully implement all of our hopes and plans, we need $1.2 million.

What about Gifts and Memorials?
Grace Lutheran has a Gifts and Memorials fund to which many former members have generously donated when they died. Many of these gifts are designated for specific uses. $180,000 is available from this fund to use toward the building.

How long will the campaign last?
During April and May, the capital campaign team will ask people to return intent forms, which will state their financial commitment to the capital campaign over the next three years.

How can I learn more?
-Come to worship
-Read distributed materials
-Read through the Case Statement PDF attachment at the bottom of this page.

How can I help?
Please read, listen, and learn about the campaign and prayerfully consider your participation in the campaign.