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Bbaptism gifts from congregation - quilt, booksaptism
We welcome you to call our office to speak with us, or print out a form to mail or return to the office. The office will assist in scheduling a meeting with the Pastor, in which he will share information about the sacrament and meaning of baptism, the role of parent/guardians and godparents, and about the service. Please contact the church office at 345-4248 or to begin.

Confirmation: Affirmation of Baptism
Our Saved by Grace catechism students who are entering 9th grade affirmconfirmation scene of altar, christ candle, baptism candle, dove and flame their baptism each September. The members of Saved by Grace are generally students who are in 7th and 8th grade. Parents may speak with Pastor Olson after worship or contact the church office for more information. Orientation for Saved by Grace students and parents takes place in early September each year. If your student would like to attend, please contact the church office by calling 345-4248.
Wedding Services and Receptions
We extend to you our warmest congratulations and best wishes for your wedding. Your wedding ceremony is a sacred occasion with great spiritual significance celebrating your love for each other and your love for Christ. We rejoice that you are considering using this holy and beautiful place of worship for your marriage ceremony. The pastoral and support staff at Grace look forward to serving you. Below you will find information on making arrangements. Should you decide to have your wedding at Grace, you will receive a complete Wedding Guide upon scheduling of the wedding and payment of deposit. Please contact the Communications Director at 345-4248 or to begin.

Funeral Services and Receptions
We offer our sympathies to you and your loved ones during this difficult time. Your mortuary will be happy to assist you with coordinating a memorable service at Grace Lutheran Church. Please ask the mortuary representative to call the church office at 345-4248 to begin arrangements.


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